Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Rebecca Gomperts, the director of Women on Waves, is a happy woman. She recently told the press: “We have just received the licence and there are some restrictive conditions but, yes, we are going to prepare a new campaign, that is for sure."
She is happy about her license being granted so she will be able to continue to operate her business. What is Women on Waves? It is an abortion ship! A vessel that travels to countries where abortion is illegal, picks up abortion minded women and takes them out into international waters to have their abortions. The way it is done is by giving women up to seven weeks pregnant, abortion pills that will cause them to have a miscarriage. This ship is allowed to sail under the Dutch flag, going from place to place offering abortions to those women whom thus far have been unable to obtain them due to their countries laws.

This group is also advocating later abortions around the world. It is a sad reality that depravity knows no limits. It is profiteering at the expense of the weakest among us. To be sure there are poor women being taken advantage of by this business. Women without the education or opportunity to understand the glory of seeing their child in an ultrasound picture. Women who are lacking the medical attention needed to assure them their child will be well taken care of at birth. The fight for life is not limited to our shores. Nor is it limited to our day and age. There have always been those who would seek to kill babies, and it has always been the followers of Jesus who has stood for them. From the fires of Molech to the days of the Roman Empire when babies were placed on the garbage heaps, to our day when the "Good Ship Kill Your Baby" shows up at your port, it has always been Gods people to the rescue.

It is good for us to be reminded of the global nature of this fight, and also the historical context. But the best reminder is that our God is in control and sovereign over all. And in His sovereignty He has placed you and I in this time and this place to continue to fight for the innocents that are being slaughtered. So hold fast brothers and sisters, the battle is ours to fight, and it is the Lords to win!

blog you later,
pastor tom