Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Don Imus a nationally syndicated radio talk show host has found himself in hot water over racist comments he made recently about the Rutgers ladies basketball team. He has been suspended for two weeks and is feeling the pressure, I am sure of the corporate sponsors as they feel pressure from their constituents. He has been on the air for some thirty years and is an example of how you can take it too far in trying to be funny on the air. I must admit to listening to him from time to time and although I would never defend his comments, they were racist, rude and certainly unacceptable, I also am perplexed by some of the outcry.

Why is it when racist comments are made, the two people who show up the quickest to protest are Jesse Jackson, (remember his "Hymietown" comment) and Al Sharpton of Tywana Brawley fame? If that is not hypocritical enough, after Imus has clearly and frankly, in my opinion, genuinely apologized and even gone on Sharptons radio program, neither Jackson or Sharpton are satisfied. They want his job. While the hypocrisy of their stance is evident there is another thing to be considered here, they claim to be clergy! Would it not be according to their supposed faith to accept an apology and give someone another chance? Would it not be according to their supposed faith to demonstrate what forgiveness looks like? While Jackson and Sharpton hammer away at Imus, these are two questions someone in the media needs to ask them. For it seems to me they "protesteth too much"!

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pastor tom