Wednesday, May 16, 2007


In China's continued and flawed quest to silence God and His people we read this from the wires about Hong Kong;

"The Good Book isn't clean enough for Hong Kong.
Residents of the city are calling for an "indecent" label for the Bible, saying the text contains passages that are too gory for young eyes, Reuters reports.
At least 838 complaints had been registered Wednesday with the city's Television and Entertainment Licensing authority after an anonymous Web site,, said the Bible "made one tremble" with its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest, the news agency reports. The Chinese city has been debating the merits of indecency since a recent sex column published in the Chinese University's "Student Press" magazine asked readers about their violent sexual fantasies.
That column was branded as indecent by the Obscene Articles Tribunal."

The Word of God could be labeled indecent, which would mean that no one under the age of 18 would be able to purchase one. The Bible would also come with a warning wrapper around it, just was pornography is packaged. It is a world where down is up and up is down, right is wrong and wrong is right. The chilling part of this story is the "Obscene Articles Tribunal". This sounds a lot like the tribunals that now exist in Canada to deal with anti-homosexual speech. They are nothing more than ideology police whose job is to promote one line of thinking to the detriment of all others, and at all costs.

The relevance for us on this side of the globe? The Hate Crimes Bill that Congress is adamant on passing. It comes up year after year and awaits a President who will sign it into law. When that happens you will hear talk of things like tribunals, who will insure that the law is implemented fairly for all. Meaning that any who dare to speak in biblical terms, pay the penalties prescribed in the legislation. One might be tempted to think it inconceivable that we would ever get to the point of calling the Bible indecent or even banning it. But we all remember a time when it was absurd to think of things like homosexuals having the legal right to marry in our country, don't we?

blog you later,
pastor tom