Thursday, May 31, 2007


Michael Sagaro and Giankarlo Squicimari, were friends from South Florida who were out for an afternoon of sun and fun this past Sunday. All of that changed when they heard a 12 year old girl screaming and her mother pleading for help for her daughters as the riptide carried them out to sea. Both men sprang into action without hesitation and both of them went to the end of physical exhaustion to rescue the girl. The girls were heroically rescued by the men and one other. Sagaro lived to tell the story while his best friend, Squicimari did not. The picture you see in this blog was taken shortly before this man would give his life. An amazing Christ like act of giving your life for another. A true hero.

This is a powerful reminder to us of how fragile our lives are. You can be sure that Squicimari had no idea at the beach that his life was about to end. You can imagine the fun and relaxation that he was experiencing and in a moment it changed and he was in eternity. We must be ready for that moment. We do not know if this is the day that we are scheduled to leave this earth and stand in front of a Holy and Righteous God. Being ready means that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. You have repented of your sins and begged Him to be the owner of your life, your Lord and the forgiver of your sins, your Savior.

As heroic as this act was it does not merit an automatic entry into Heaven. What must be true is that this hero has known Christ Jesus as his Lord and Savior. So today a mom has her daughters back, a woman has lost her fiancee, and a man gave of his life heroically and went to eternity. It all started as a normal Sunday at the beach! Are you ready?

blog you later,
pastor tom