Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Jerry Falwell went home to the Lord. Tbe Word of God says it was the best day for him and also was precious in the sight of his Father. Whether you liked him or not you had to respect his passion for what he believed. There was a time it was said to get to the White House you had to stop at "Jerry's House". God saw fit to use Jerry Falwell as an instrument of moral change at a time in our countries history where morality was a dirty word. Like any national figure Falwell took his share of criticism. Certainly there were times he earned it, anyone remember TeleTubbies? But for the most part he was a man who did what was right, and it usually was.

It is instructive that one of the last things he wrote was an encouragement for young people to stand for the Lord. One quote stands out;

"High school students, don't be afraid to voice your faith in Jesus Christ! Liberty Counsel is here to help you if you should face persecution or punishment for doing so. I urge Christian students across this land to exhibit the strength of character of Megan Chapman by refusing to be silenced.
Boldly live out your faith"

Boldly live out your faith! That is what Jerry Falwell sought to do and I am sure he has heard "well done good and faithful servant." While not a perfect man, he did his best to live out the faith he proclaimed. His legacy will be felt for years in the lives of thousands he touched. We would all do well take note of his passing. To consider our own lives and how we are living our the remainder of our days. If we were to die today, would there be a legacy left behind? Would anything remain and be carried on into the future? Or would it simply be a pile of things that rust and moths would enjoy destroying?

As you remember his family in prayer, and thank God for his life, take a look in the mirror and reflect on what it is that you will leave behind. Do not waste your life, boldly live out your faith, for His glory!

blog you later,
pastor tom