Wednesday, May 02, 2007


If you check into the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa in California and you want to read a Bible while in your room, you better bring your own. The Gideon Bible, a standard for hotels as been replaced. Some of you might be thinking the Book of Mormon, or even the Quran has been put in its place. The amazing replacement for the Bible in the rooms of this establishment is Al Gores "An Inconvenient Truth". The hotel in its attempt to "go green", is putting Gores treatise in the rooms. They also are installing waterless urinals, which is a subject for another day, but consider the ramifications of such a move.

The Gideons have multiples testimonies of people who have checked into hotels in distress and found great comfort in reading the Bible they had placed in the nightstand drawer. There are testimonies of people who came to a room to commit suicide and received Christ through the reading of Gods Word. There are accounts of marriages brought back together as one spouse or another in a hotel room read a timely passage that spoke to their situation. What testimony will Gores book bring? What becomes of the suicidal who open the drawer looking for guidance and find his book and not the Word of God?

It does not bode well for those in distress. In fact it does not bode well for those not in distress, as Gores book could make the healthiest among us consider ending it all! While they are installing waterless urinals they might consider paperless bathrooms and relocating his book there. That would seem the proper place and application for such a work!

blog you later,
pastor tom