Saturday, May 12, 2007


Since I have spent much of the week traveling and was unable to blog towards the end of the week, I put forth a rare Saturday blog. I also could not wait until Monday to write about this. Mike Wallace, the infamous legendary reporter who has interviewed many of the most influential people of the world, has finally gone too far. Some would say that happened long ago, but his interview with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes the cake. In this interview, Wallace asks Romney if he and his wife engaged in pre-martial sex. While I understand the discussion of his Mormonism, there is no cause to ask this question in this format. It was a gratuitous cheap shot from a liberal reporter.

While I am not particularly a Romney fan, I believe he missed a great opportunity to display the required indignation to such a disrespectful question. This attempt by Wallace is just another of a long list from the liberal media. What it does is let those of us who pay attention, understand that this next election is one where all must be engaged. There can be no lethargy among conservative voters as the left is out there with all their guns blaring.

The good news is that questions such as the one Wallace asked might empower others who do not pay as close attention. The fringe,undecided, very well could be insulted enough to begin to take a closer look at what is really going on in the run for the highest office in the land. And anyone taking a closer look will inevitably end up on the "right " side of things!

blog you later,
pastor tom