Friday, May 04, 2007


Well it is here once again, H.R. 1592 by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan. It comes around again and again, only this time it might find passage through this ideologue of a Congress. This is known as the "Hate Crimes Bill", which makes it politically incorrect to oppose, a smart move by its proponents. The problem is that there are already laws on the books of every State in the Union that deals with such crimes, and one could even make the case that all crime is hate crime, but that is for another time. What this bill really seeks to accomplish is special status for homosexuals. This quote from Concerned Women of America says it well;

"This bill would grant individuals who engaged in homosexual behavior ("sexual orientation") or those who cross-dress ("gender identity") preferential treatment over other citizens by elevating them to a specially protected class of victim..."

Former White House insider Chuck Colson, in his Breakpoint commentary, called it a "Thought Crimes" plan. The 14th Amendment, last time I looked gave equal rights to all and did not discriminate against homosexuals or cross dressers. The need for this legislation is redundant and absent. It is the homosexual activist attempt to give more legal legs to their agenda of persecuting and prosecuting any and all who would hold a view different than theirs, which is a better definition of hate and intolerance for any fair minded individual.

The good news is the President has stated his objection to this bill and would give it a well deserved veto. He has found his legs with the veto of the democratic defeatist bill on Iraq and the promise to defeat this empty legislation. It is times like this that make it clear why there is a great need for a President with the courage of his convictions to stand firm. It is times like this when President Bush deserves our congratulations, encouragement and prayer as he stands , often alone, against this tide of political correctness.
Mr. President, well done, and thank you!

blog you later,
pastor tom