Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is the inevitable consequence of a world that has gone mad with its voyeurism. We are obsessed with watching others. The reality television craze is the evidence of how we will sit and waste our time watching people do anything. Well there is a show in the land of the Dutch that is testing the limits. A woman will donate her kidney to one of the three contestants that she deems worthy. Lisa, 37, is dying and there has been a reality show created for her to pick a winner for her kidney. Reportedly she will talk to the contestants and their families, and the audience will even be able to text her during the show. It is the height of macabre!

What is more telling is the truth that no show gets on the air unless or until there are sponsors putting their monies behind it. There has to be a calculated decision by sponsors to invest and expect a return, as after all television is for selling products. That is the genesis of it and to this day it maintains its genesis. The reason for a show is to draw as many people as possible in that time slot to come and watch, and therefore see the pitch for the products.

And in this world we have fallen to a donated kidney, who will receive it and who will not as a form of entertainment? We are not far from the days of the Coliseum. In fact it is not hard to imagine some form of that as a reality series. And that reality is sad!

blog you later,
pastor tom