Thursday, June 07, 2007


The Kennedy McCain Bush immigration bill in in trouble. It failed a test vote miserably giving indication that it could be dead in the water. This is good news on a number of fronts. First is shows that the American people can still have a voice in the politics of the day. No one expected the people of this great country to stand up with such force against this bill which is nothing more than AMNESTY. The people have spoken and we are seeing evidence that the founders plan of government does work, as politicians are listening. Those pols who have maintained their allegiance to the AMNESTY bill will pay the price. In fact we are currently seeing the greatest casualty in Sen.John McCain, who with his support of this bill has virtually killed his chance at the Oval Office.

This excercise in democracy has revealed once again that the people tend to get it right. If you leave it to the people they will lead you to the solution, and the people know how to solve the immigration problem. They want the laws that are currently on the books enforced. It is not rocket science, in fact it is not even high school science. The laws currently exist, simply enforce them. That is the answer to the immigration problem.

Here is the road map to the solution for illegal immigration. First, go after the businesses that are employing the illegals. If you bring the hammer down on them, you will cut off the job supply for the illegals. At the point that they are hard pressed to find work, they will be heading back home. Second, you continue to round up as many illegals as possible on a regular basis and deport them. Begin with those who are known to be criminals, an estimated ten percent, or 1.2 million. Work on those while you are cutting off the job supply. Step three will be the remainder, and by the time you get there, the problem is well on its way to being solved. Sure it will take time, but it also took time to get where we are today. Enforce the laws on the books, starting with the employers and you are well on your way to solving the illegal immigration problem.

But our problem in this country is not so much with illegal immigrants as it is with legal politicians. That is a much tougher problem!

blog you later,
pastor tom