Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well it has happened, from the wires;

"The Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland has accomplished what science and medicine have been unable to confirm, simply declaring in its newly approved school curriculum for children that some babies are born homosexual.
Developed by its own staff, the educational materials were given a test run in six schools in the county district at the 8th and 10th grade levels. Now they are supposed to be implemented in all schools soon."

On their own, in the face of science, reason and of course common sense this group of people have decided to teach the children that have been entrusted to them, that some babies are born homosexual. While this is just another piece of ground gained by the homosexual movement, the question becomes, at what point are people held to truth? Or have we simply done away with truth? Has truth become an antiquated idea, or is it simply particular to each person.

In my mind, this development pushes the envelope as far as you can. If this is accepted and adopted by this school system, there might be no turning back. There will be no truth to bring people back to, as this will eradicate truth in ways never imagined. So we will watch and pray to see how this turns out. If parents are not outraged over this, they simply do not care enough about their children to pay attention. That would be a tragedy that could bare consequences for generations to come!

blog you later,
pastor tom