Friday, June 01, 2007


From the wires we learn;

" one in five people toted laptop computers on their most recent vacations. An AP-Ipsos poll released Friday said. Along with the 80 percent who said they brought along their cell phones, the survey shows going on vacation no longer means being out of the electronic loop. People under age 40 were likeliest to check their personal e-mails, voice mails or other messages from vacation spots. But people checking for work-related messages tended to be a bit older, perhaps reflecting the greater work responsibilities that can come with age.
Men in their late 40s and early 50s, middle managers, feel they can't afford to miss something, and a vacation is secondary to them in terms of importance," said Geoffrey Godbey, professor of leisure studies at Penn State University."

Sobering but nor surprising, as we learn that the technology that was supposed to make life easier, in fact has caused people to work more. While work is good and glorifying to God, so is vacation with family. We are a society that enables and celebrates the results of workaholics and thus encourages people to become them. This is not just particular to the corporate world, as those who serve in ministry can be just as guilty. Pastors who refuse to take time off, not trusting that the Lord can keep His church going without their presence.

The ones that lose out and suffer are the families. Spouses and children who never have the full attention of their loved one. Never knowing when the next email or text message will once again separate their family. God created us to work hard and to take a day of rest, which in our day has become a lost celebration. But here is the chance for Gods people to stand out as a witness and a light in a dark world. While the rest of the world is either working themselves to death or slothfully skating by, followers of Christ can put in six hard days of work and have one day of rest, a Sabbath unto the Lord.

God will be glorified, your family will be blessed and you will be strengthened with the joy of the Lord. Go ahead give it a try!

blog you later,
pastor tom