Friday, June 15, 2007


The results are in and Gov. Deval Patrick has succeeded in thwarting the Constitutional process! Yesterday the Governor saw the fruits of his underhanded efforts come to fruition as a number of legislators flipped and flopped on their position to allow people the right to vote. Do not be fooled, yesterday the message from the government of Massachusetts was they do not care about your right to vote. It starts with the Governor and permeates the halls of the state house.

What can you do? First and foremost pray for wisdom and then put some feet to those prayers. There needs to be a focused effort in finding good people to run for office. There needs to be people of integrity who will run and make these pols who have turned their back on the people pay the consequences of their actions. From the Governors office to the Reps and Senators who spit in the face of the voters, there needs to be consequences. The greatest impact is to send some of them home in 2008. While we cannot do that with the Governor yet, we can send some Reps and Senators home. There are some like Senator Brewer who are career politicians that need to find another line of work. There are others like Rep. Alicea who though newly elected, has already shown he is not to be trusted to represent the people of his district. These are just two examples of the incompetence that our tax dollars are paying for. If the pols will not honor the fundamental right of the people to vote, then they do not deserve to work for us. It is as simple as that!

What is not as simple is motivating people to move off of the couch and get in the game. If the fact that voters of Massachusetts have been told publicly and openly they can only vote on things the politicians think they should vote on, does not move you, then you are immovable. If the reality that Massachusetts is a monarchy with Gov. Patrick as King, does not move you, then you are immovable. If the truth that the homosexuals currently run the state, which should be renamed Sodom, does not move you, then you are immovable. The question is, are you immovable?

blog you later,
pastor tom