Tuesday, June 05, 2007


As the war with Islam continues in the world, there is an increasing revelation of its tenets and practices. For example there is a Shia Muslim tradition of temporary marriage, or sigheh, allows a man and a woman in Iran to marry for a set period of time, ranging from an hour to 99 years. In other words if you are out and meet someone and want to have sex you go to a cleric, make some vows and go have sex. The man in the relationship can break the vow as soon as an hour. The woman on the other hand must wait three months and ten days before having another relationship, to make sure she is not pregnant. Unmarried couples who have sex can be arrested, fined and even flogged. So the solution is to create a temporary marriage, enabling people to have sex without responsibility, and not violate any law.

It is an amazing hypocrisy, from a group that would want to hold itself up as the moral standard for the world. Scoffing at the decadence of the west, while they create comical laws to enable people to have sex. This is a great example of the one constant of Islam, hypocrisy! It is as Jesus said of the Pharisees, they say do one thing while they do another. They put burdens on others while living differently. Lets be honest, when you look into the lifestyles of these people you will see multiple wives, affairs, degradation of women to the highest degree.

Islam is one of the worst perpetrators of violence against women. Laws like this do nothing but imprison and enslave women. It is incredible how these who promote such terror, will from their glass houses throw stones toward the west. It is never a good idea when you live in such a dwelling to play with rocks!

blog you later,
pastor tom