Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Due to the continued actions of the Governor Patrick, and the impending vote tomorrow on the marriage amendment, I leave this same blog up and hope you will read it again, as the Governor works to undermine the constitution!!!!

This past weekend was an historic one for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. He became the first sitting Governor to march in Boston's gay pride parade. As bad as I believe that is, there is something far more historic that occurred. The Governor was reported as pushing for a delay in the Constitutionally mandated vote to let the people vote, which is scheduled to occur this Thursday June 14th. Even more historic are the following reported quotes by the Governor from local news;

"We're working very, very hard to bring people around to the right vote," Patrick said.
Patrick said the court decision that paved the way for gay marriage "affirmed the principle that everyone comes before the court as equals."

"That is an argument we need to make to representatives and senators this week," he said. "What experience has taught us is that the sky hasn't opened up, families are still intact."

These are historic statements because they violate the Governors oath of office in which he pledged to, and I quote directly from the oath;

"I will bear true faith and allegiance and I will support the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts so help me God. I do solemnly swear and affirm that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all of the duties incumbent upon me as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts according to the best of my abilities and understanding agreeably to the rules and regulations of the Constitution and the laws of this Commonwealth so help me God..."

The statements the Governor made over the weekend, trying to influence the outcome of the vote, or even stall it, is a violation of his oath of office. The Vote on Marriage amendment has followed the Constitution of the Commonwealth. The Governor has no business inserting himself in the process, unless it is to encourage legislators to uphold their Constitutional obligation. Not only is he not doing that, he is working against the Constitutional process, and thus is working against the Constitution that he swore to support. This is an impeachable offense. For those that care and live in the state of Massachusetts I encourage you to join with me in calling for the impeachment of Governor Deval Patrick!

blog you later,
pastor tom