Tuesday, July 31, 2007


File this under Christian Courage. Mario Medhat Ramses, 11, and Andrew Medhat Ramses, 13, are by all accounts "brilliant students." They are enrolled at the French Lycee school of Alexandria Egypt. The trouble is that they quite possibly will face a future without education. Both of them were required to take a test that would mean their conversion to Islam , to their credit they both wrote "I am a Christian" on their papers. Their father has converted to Islam which effects their situation, from the wires;

"Their situation arose because of the Islamic law demand that children follow their father's faith if it is Islam. The nation's education ministry then requires children to take – and pass – a test on Islam in order for them to be advanced in school. No passing grade, no more schooling."

While groups around the world protest and try to help, the reality is that these two gifted boys are facing persecution that will last their lifetime in that part of the world. In spite of that they are both strong in the Lord Jesus Christ and are unwilling to compromise, regardless of the cost to them. How convicting to those of us in this country who at the first sign of displeasure from anyone towards us, there is compromise. We all would do well to look to the courage these young boys, who like many before them in the tradition of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego, would not bow to worship false idols!

blog you later,
pastor tom