Friday, July 13, 2007


As you head into your weekend, check this out from the wires;

"Canonsburg Mayor Anthony Colaizzo issued an executive order this week banning the use of grills -- propane, charcoal and wood -- after 8 p.m. in this town of 8,825 known for its grandiose Fourth of July parades."

First offenders get a warning, while repeat offenders receive a fine of $300.00, which makes for an expensive hot dog. Humor aside, this is a perfect picture of politics gone bad, or liberals at work. Apparently there was a complaint from one resident about a neighbor who was creating smoke in his yard that was offensive to the complainant. Instead of dealing with the alleged offender the Mayor creates a blanket law that takes away the privilege from everyone. It is the same mode of operation from those who would want to take away the right of gun ownership from law abiding citizens. Someone commits a heinous crime with a gun, and all of a sudden no one should own a gun.

It is big government at work. They want to take away your right to a gun and now your right to a grilled hamburger or hot dog after 8 pm. Here is what I predict, this will create an outcry that has never been seen in this little town. People might be slow to act when there are books in their local library like "My Two Mommies" and they might be slow to get involved in a local pregnancy center to combat abortion, but you take away their right to grill, now you have a war on your hands.

Here is another reason to vote for people that are for less government and more rights for the people. Otherwise your 8:30 pm grill party could be crashed by the grill police and who knows, one day that could mean hard time, where you would be imprisoned with people who have done other awful things like speak biblically about homosexuality, or walked within the borders of the buffer zone at abortion clinics!

blog you later,
pastor tom