Thursday, July 26, 2007


Some good news today from the FCC;

"The Federal Communications Commission has no intention of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine imposing a requirement of balanced coverage of issues on public airwaves, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said. Martin, in a letter written this week to Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., and made public Thursday, said the agency found no compelling reason to revisit its 1987 decision that enforcing the federal rule was not in the public interest."

The Fairness Doctrine has been again revived due to the outcry of the American people over the immigration bill. The bill did not make the light of day because the people rose up against it. Liberal Democrats, (is that redundant?) of course were unhappy and did what they always do, tried to figure out ways to make laws to achieve what their ideas could not. So they revive the Fairness Doctrine which is nothing more than legislation that would shut down conservative Talk Radio. Again the free market has spoken and Democrats want to do their best to shut it down.

But the FCC has weighed in with some sanity, seeing no need to have such socialistic practices. It seems that at the government level there are still some sane, right thinking people who believe in the free marketplace of ideas. What a wonderful thought, to think that the best ideas will win, and all others will need to improve to compete. Could it be that this might still be the case in our country? Of course it is, until or unless you have a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress!

blog you later,
pastor tom