Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today we hear the report that for the first time ever there will be a Presidential debate devoted solely to issues of homosexuality. The Aug. 9 event in Los Angeles is scheduled to be broadcast on the homosexual-oriented LOGO network and live streamed at LOGOonline.com. The panel of questioners will consist of people like Melissa Ethridge whose profession is singing but qualifies to be a questioner of potential Presidential candidates because she is a lesbian? Also slated to be a questioner is Joe Solmonese, president of the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign. Some of the debate topics will include same-sex marriage, HIV, AIDS "hate crimes" and job discrimination. Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Edwards have already confirmed their appearances at this debate.

This gives a clear indication and fortunately a clear choice to voters come election time. The Democratic party will present a candidate who will be pro homosexual which means they will be anti traditional family values. You cannot have it both ways. The homosexual movement is one of decadence and perversion and their goal is to indoctrinate our country, and frankly they have done a good job. They have succeeded in becoming so mainstream that at least one party is bowing down to them, seeking votes. Lets hope for better from the Republican party. We can only hope that there is at least one party left that stands for family values.

There is no need for special classifications for homosexuals. It is a sexual orientation choice they have made, not a race they have born with. They are human beings who deserve the same rights and protections under the law that everyone else has, and they already have that. For those who would want to disagree and use marriage as the reason, that is a different discussion. Marriage is an institution created by God and He has told us clearly that it is for a man and a woman only. It is not for men with men or women with women, and it never has been nor will it ever be in Gods eyes.

So we have a gay debate coming on a gay network, showcasing the Democratic presidential candidates. Sounds about right!

blog you later,
pastor tom