Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yesterday at the Planned Parenthood Action Funds political organizing conference three of the leading democratic Presidential contenders took a clear position. It is a position that is good for us to hear as it once again gives us clarity on issues. Clarity on who stands where, and what will they do should they be given the opportunity of the highest office in the land. The position was that there would be clear open access to as many abortions as possible. Health insurance would be sure to be available for such deadly procedures that Mrs. Edwards described as "pregnancy terminations". She also had the audacity to list this heinous practice under the heading of reproductive health services.

I appreciate and applaud anyone who will take a clear stand on the issues of the day. Even if I disagree, as I vehemently do here, I give credit to anyone who has the courage to say here is where I stand. On the issue of abortion, we could not have a clearer statement then what candidates Edwards, Obama and Clinton gave us yesterday on abortion. If elected they will seek to make abortion more available than it is now, and you can be sure that they will appoint Supreme Court Justices who agree with that ideology.

So once again I am here to remind you that the stakes have never been higher than what faces us in 2008. While I am not suggesting that anyone be a one issue voter, I do believe we have seen a case building that would portray the democratic candidates as anti-family values. Their stated positions, at least the three leading candidates are pro homosexual, pro abortion, pro socialist health care. I would think that would be enough for most Americans to look elsewhere!

blog you later,
pastor tom