Monday, July 23, 2007


It only takes a moment to ruin the lives of so many people. This past Saturday Louis Wiederer 26 and his girlfriend Jesenia Vega went to a party on Long Island. It was to be a barbecue with friends. Louis bid his mom goodbye and told her he loved her, not knowing that his time on this earth was about over. As it turns out the party was one where his fiancee Jesenia ended up pretty intoxicated, and like most people drunk, she believed she could drive. Her fiancee did the right thing in trying to convince her not to drive. But she insisted, to the point of getting in the car and starting to drive off. Her fiancee was distraught at the thought of her being arrested or worse, killing herself or someone else. So he ran next to the car holding on, tragically he slipped fell, and she ran him over, killing him!

In a moment the lives of so many changed. In a moment a loving couple who were anticipating spending their lives together, ended up with one dead and the other guilty of killing him. In a moment one set of parents lost their son, while another lost the daughter they sent to the party. It all happened in a moment, or did it?

You see, the moments of crisis, are often brought on by many other moments. If not for the moments of drinking this tragic moment would not have occurred. It is a lesson to us all that the way we live our lives today will have a profound effect on the moments to come. Life is Gods gift to us, and we are to be good stewards of that gift. We need to take care of it, and regard it as precious. The things that would tempt us, need to be seen beyond the "moment"of temptation. They need to be seen in the context of all the "moments" that will follow. The consequential "moments" that the one "moment" will lead to.

Pray for these two families, as they will walk through valleys that are hard to imagine, without the rod and staff leading. And as you pray, guard your life, redeem all the "moments" that He has left for you on this earth! And praise him that in Jesus Christ these "moments" can be forgiven!

blog you later,
pastor tom