Thursday, July 12, 2007


Harry Reid the Democratic Senate Majority leader can be credited with being the man behind the first ever Hindu cleric to open the Senate session in prayer. How far we have fallen from the days when the opening prayer of the Senate was to God and based on the righteousness and mercy of His Son Jesus Christ. While it is worth noting that it took a democrat to get this done, I will refrain as these days the lines between the parties tend to be more and more blurred.

The real story here is the confirmation that this is no longer a Christian nation. We are no longer a land devoted to Godly principles. Regardless of the truth that Scripture permeates most if not all of the older government buildings in our capital. We are a pagan nation devoted to a multiplicity of gods and not the one true God. We murder millions of babies each year, we have desecrated the sacredness of marriage and have allowed the most sacred of moments in our government to be given over to idolatry.

I am not sure this is all such a bad thing. I think it is important for believers in Christ to understand that their first allegiance is to Christ and not America. We are Christians before we are Americans, and the two are becoming increasingly more distinct. And it will be good for His people to be in a nation that becomes ever more hostile to the only true God, His Son, and His Word, as that will necessitate persecution which is always the breeding ground for revival. So as we watch our politicians celebrate idolatry, let us be reminded that our God is in control and what might seem to be mans evil, will be used by God for His glory and the good of His people!

blog you later,
pastor tom