Friday, July 06, 2007


Believe it or not there are some people who are doing the right thing on illegal immigration. I have stated repeatedly that what is needed is not more laws, but to enforce the laws that are on the books now. The place to begin is with businesses who hire the illegals. It makes perfect sense that if you take the money away, the illegals will naturally soon follow. We are seeing the reality of that happening in Arizona. The Governor of Arizona has signed a law penalizing businesses who hire illegals and the natural consequence of events has begun. The law states that on the second offense businesses will lose their license to operate. This has caused businesses to rethink their practice of hiring illegals, which in turn has caused illegals to rethink their practice of staying in Arizona. One man who has been in Arizona illegally for three years stated, "I'm thinking of going to another state, maybe Nevada or Colorado. I don't know."

The problem for him and the good news for our country is that some of those states and others are considering following Arizona. Elias Bermudez, president of the group Immigrants Without Borders, said his Tuesday morning radio show was flooded with calls from illegal immigrants worried about losing their jobs.
"A lot of people are planning to leave," Bermudez said. "A lot of businesses are in danger of shutting down."

This is the answer, enforce the law. Penalize the businesses and once they stop hiring illegals the illegals will migrate back home. If every state in the Union had the courage of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano , the problem would take care of itself over time.
One last quote to share with you;

"drian Holguin, supervisor of the cement crew in Ahwatukee, predicted the new law will worsen labor shortages in Arizona.
To make his point, Holguin walked from his pickup truck down into a large trench. A four-man crew was laying the footings for the basement of a custom home.
"It's 120 degrees down here, easy," Holguin said. "And there's no breeze. This is hard work. Who is going to do it if we leave?"

The answer to that question is LEGAL HARD WORKING AMERICANS!!!!

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pastor tom