Wednesday, July 25, 2007


One of the things that stood out most clearly in the Democratic debate the other night was the pre-supposition of many if not most of the questioners. Almost all of them asked questions assuming that it was the governments job to take care of them. Many of the questions wanted to know how the government was going to fix the problems that the people were having. This is a fundamental distinction between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats believe government is the answer while most Republicans believe that you are the answer, as you can do a better job than the government in helping yourself. All the government will do is mess things up for you and take too much control of your life, from your money to the decisions you make about your family.

Consider China, which has a law that you can only have one child. It is reported today that Central China's Hunan Province will impose massive fines on wealthy parents who break the nation's one-child policy. The fine will be about seven times the annual income of the violating family. Can you imagine being fined seven times your annual income for simply having a baby? Well, you need to imagine it, as this is where things end up when governments have too much control over the people. They will always make a mess of things as too much power is always corrupting, due to the Biblical truth of total depravity.

Total depravity, being completely sinful is something only Jesus Christ can remedy. Because man is totally depraved, too much power and control will always be too much to handle. Some of the current candidates understand this and some do not. The question as you decide who receives your vote is, do you understand this?

blog you later,
pastor tom