Thursday, August 02, 2007


Kate Dunlop, 26, of Edinurgh was eating her pre-packaged salad when she got a mouthful of more than she paid for. In eating the salad she got a nice big bite of a dead frog that had made its way into the pre-packaged salad. To say she was sick would be an understatement, in fact it would be more correct to say she almost "croaked".(pun intended) In her own words;

"I spat it out on to my plate and saw the frog in what had come out of my mouth. I was absolutely horrified and so traumatized."
She added: "It really scared me that it could have made me ill. I was saying to my husband all night that my tongue felt tingly, but I think it was probably just me imagining it."

While she will survive, I am sure she will be hesitant to eat any more pre-packaged salads. The fact that things like pre-packaged salads, fast food restaurants and eating out in general has become so popular says much about our lives. For most people the family meal time is something more likely to be shown at the Smithsonian Institution rather than experienced. We are moving fast every day and most people do not believe they have the time to stop for a family meal. But consider what we have lost.

The joy of family getting together around a meal and discussing every ones day. The opportunity to talk current events, politics, sports and yes religion. Family meal time has been used by many a parent to impart values and traditions that stay with their children long after mom and dad are gone. Sadly it is much different today for most. Parents have allowed their children to be involved in every activity under the sun, mom and dad have spent so unwisely and lived so far beyond their level of income that both must work, and there is the simple truth of how expensive everything continues to be.

Factor that all together and most families do not have many, if any meals together. And what you end up with is a mouthful of frog from the pre-packaged salad. While Kate Dunlop fortunately did not "croak", I am afraid the family meal time has, to the detriment of us all!

blog you later,
pastor tom