Thursday, August 09, 2007


Justin Peters was born in 1973 with cerebral palsy. Today he has a thriving ministry in which he travels around speaking of the dangers of the health and wealth heresy, or what is commonly known as the word faith movement. Justins perspective is different from most of the other critics of this movement as he has had the experience of going to one of these events seeking to be healed. At the age of 16 a well intentioned friend convinced him to go to his first and after that he went to others, always with the same result. He would leave the meetings still with cerebral palsy and feeling like he was less than the others there who seemed to be healed. In his own words;

"I was told that physical healing is always God's will and that I would receive that healing if I had enough faith," Peters said. "I not only doubted my faith but for a season I doubted my very salvation."

Here lies the sad consequence of this heretical movement. People are taught, very much in error, that if they have the faith they will be healed. Inevitably they are not healed and leave feeling as if they might not even be believers. How many people have had their faith shipwrecked due to the healing that did not happen, or the riches that never came in? This is why Gods Word matters. People wil listen to a television preacher and send him or her their money, believing, and hoping beyond hope that health and wealth will come their way. They will not bother to fact check, or put the Scriptures that are quoted in context to see what Gods Word really has to say. It is simply hear the person on television or radio and send in the money. Justin Peters, with his two Masters Degrees is doing the church a true service in seeking to educate on the dangers of this popular heresy. He knows firsthand the pain and suffering that is brought by these teachings, and seeks to share with as many as will listen. More of that is needed as we can be sure that Gods Word does not endorse such teachings. In fact health and wealth churches would not want to let the Apostle Paul or Jesus Christ in their membership, as they would not qualify given their teachings on such matters!

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pastor tom