Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Now that Barry Bonds has broken Hank Aaron's home run record the debate gets hotter. Should there be an asterisk on the record due to the steroid use that everyone believes Bonds has been involved in? Commentators run the gamut of opinion as to how many more home runs Bonds hit due to steroid use. Some say upwards of one hundred home runs extra, which still leaves him with a very impressive number. The question is why would someone who has so much talent feel the need to take illegal drugs to enhance his performance? The answer is the Biblical truth that there is no contentment outside of the Lord Jesus

The apostle Paul speaks to this when he says that he has learned the secret of contentment. Whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, he has learned that his contentment was in Christ. Apart from the Lord there is no contentment that will last for any significant amount of time. It does not matter if you have all the money you ever dreamed of, or all of the God given talent you could ever want. This is the lesson we learn from the example of Barry Bonds. It is not a question of steroids, but rather one of contentment!

blog you later,
pastor tom