Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It is becoming more and more of a common occurrence where people are "seeing God" in things such as walls of buildings, windows,trees and of course food. The latest "appearance" is in the eggplant you see pictured here. The owners have seen God spelled out and now of course are considering Ebay as an option, which also seems to be the common course of events for people in this situation. While the obvious humor and lack of common sense is apparent in these situations, there is something revealed that is worth mentioning.

What these things tap into is the desire that people inherently have to see God, have more of God, know that there is a God. While the heart is wicked and no one seeks after God on their own, there is something in people that wants to believe that these are messages from God that display Him to be real. The absurdity of it all is that we have that revelation in the Word of God, but people would rather look at eggplant. Gods Word is where we truly see God revealed and truly see His appearance to us. He has made himself very real through His Word, yet people would look everywhere else and even give credibility to utter nonsense rather than simply read and submit to His Word.

Cheese sandwiches and eggplant might be appealing to the palate, but if you want ot truly "see God" then you will find him in His Word.!