Thursday, August 16, 2007


Thirty years! It was thirty years ago that Elvis Presley succumbed to a life of drug addiction on the floor of his bathroom. It is noteworthy that a man who had lived the American Dream, from rags to riches, ended up dead on his bathroom floor face down in his own vomit, alone. There is much you could draw from that tragedy. But overshadowing that for me today is this stark reminder of how fast time goes by. Does it seem like thirty years ago?

The Word of God describes life with words such as "vapor, morning mist, evening shadow". These are words that God uses in His Word to remind us that we are not on this earth for very long. Whether you live to nine or ninety, it is not a long time in the economy of the history of man. The point of this, is that God calls us on this earth, with the lives He has given us, whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, to do for the glory of God. He is to be the focus of our lives. That being true, how do we then know what it is that glorifies God?

It is Gods Word that instructs in the life that brings Him glory. We must be a people of the Word. In a day and age where people everywhere are happy to cut and paste the Word of God to make it fit the subjective god of their own making that they worship, we can take comfort in the truth that His Word still stands! We can know how it is that are to live with the short time we have on this earth. We can learn to live a life that will have eternal value on this side of eternity.

Yes, our time is short, and it seems like only yesterday that we heard the news that Elvis had died. Many headlines were posted that said, "The King is Dead!" Thirty years later the King of Kings still calls to us from His Word to redeem the short time we have on this earth for His Glory! What will you do with the rest of your life?

blog you later,
pastor tom