Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Jose Offerman, a former major league baseball All-Star was arrested yesterday. No, it was not drugs, nor was it drunken driving or abusing his spouse. Offerman was arrested for his actions during a minor league independent league game! After homering in his first at bat, Offerman was hit in the calf by the pitcher on his next plate appearance. At that point Offerman charged the mound and went after the pitcher with his bat. The catcher tried to stop him and received a concussion for his efforts, while the pitcher broke a finger on his right hand. Offerman, according to reports, actually went for the pitchers head with his bat.

While he is facing serious charges that could mean jail time, his actions display how easy it is for someone to lose it in the competitive arena. I am sure that there must be some extenuating circumstances in his personal life that contributed to this outburst and I am also sure that it only takes one moment to ruin someones testimony for the Lord. I am not referring to Offerman as a believer in Christ, but rather connecting the danger for believers.

Athletics can be a severe test for those who know the Lord and are trying to live for Him. Many a competitor has done things in the "heat of the battle" that they have regretted immediately, I will be the first to admit to that. But it is not only competitors that need to be on guard. Spectators of sports can have just as hard of a time. It can be at the event where someone who walks with the Lord day in and day out, blows his or her testimony to the world with a momentary outburst. So as we look at Jose Offerman in disbelief, let us also look in the mirror and remember that the next time we are on the field, or simply at the field watching, we need to guard our testimonies, as it takes only a moment to taint a lifetimes walk with the Lord!

blog you later,
pastor tom