Thursday, August 30, 2007


As the school year begins afresh for millions of teachers and students, there is always an air of anticipation and excitement. Students, at least most of them, are determined to buckle down, study hard and achieve good graded. Teachers, at least most of them, are determined to do their very best to enable their students to truly learn. And then there the administrations of these schools and to be honest, at times you have to wonder what in the world they are actually thinking. An elementary school in the Falcon School District in Colorado has enforced a new rule. A rule that comes so that their will be less conflict according to Cindy Fesgen, assistant principal of the Discovery Canyon Campus school.

What is the new policy being enforced? Believe it or not Mr.Ripley, it is that there will no longer be any games of TAG allowed! That is correct, TAG no longer is allowed. While teachers and students are preparing for a new year, there are actually people who are sitting around and discussing the removal of TAG as an actual good move for the schools. And to top it off, the taxpayers are the ones paying the salaries of those who find TAG an important topic.

The ideology behind such thinking is that there ought never to be a winner or loser in any competition. There should never be any children who skin their knees or need band-aids. Children should never be disappointed or put out, and most of all let us not see children have any fun. TAG is a great game, and FREEZE TAG is even better. Lets hope that administrators throughout the country will see the need to not try and be God this year. Lets hope that they will see the folly of such rules and appreciate how it is that God truly creates children. I realize that is a lot to hope for, but lets hope anyway.

blog you later,
pastor tom