Monday, August 27, 2007


Our church has fallen victim to the rash of break-ins that have hit our area. We were robbed last night of a significant amount of money, as well as having our offices ransacked. As I sit here putting my office back together, some of the graces of the Lord come to my mind;

1. No one was in the offices when it happened. Things can be replaced, people cannot.

2. The burglars were not malicious in their break -in. Those that broke in were clearly looking for money. While they definitely made a mess of things and there are some things that need to be repaired or replaced, they did not gratuitously smash and break things for no reason.

3. The sovereignty of God. Last night before leaving the office with my wife at 12:30 am I watched a sermon by John Piper on the topic of evil and God. In this powerful sermon Piper's scriptural examples make the case that God controls all, even Satan and nothing can be done at anytime without the permission of God. As the reporter was interviewing me today about the break-in he mentioned that I seemed to be taking this well. I had the opportunity to share with him that when your faith is in Christ you know that He is in control of all, even robberies.

4. Perspective. I have just spent a week at a mission board talking about and working on the plight of all the untrained pastors around the world. When you hear the stories and meet the people I did last week, this seems very small in comparison.

5. Depravity. How bad off must you be to rob churches on a Sunday night? I pray for the souls of those involved that they would receive Christ and use this as a part of a life long testimony that gives glory to God!

It is good to know the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord, particularly for His amazing grace!

blog you later,
pastor tom