Thursday, September 13, 2007


Dean Barnett over at Town has commented on blogging. It is his reaction to a blog he went to read that was not anything like he expected or particularly wanted to read. But he makes a point that is worth considering about blogging. Here from the wires:

"Hey, it happens. Sometimes you’re wrong. But posting something because you haven’t thought it through falls into the category of unforced errors. I urge all beginning bloggers to wait a half hour after they’ve finished writing something to then decide whether or not they really want to hit that “post” button. That’s a rule I still follow religiously; it means I’ll seldom be first with anything, but it makes it less likely that I’ll stray into a “Screw them” moment."

I believe this to be great advice to all who blog, and in that group I include those who comment on blogs. To take some time, whether thirty minutes is the magic number or not is irrelevant, and consider what it is that you are writing. This should also apply to posting comments. I have stated before my reasoning for not allowing comments on my blog. To review it simply was becoming a soap opera type of addiction for me. I found myself at my desk on a night when I should have been studying, spending more time going back to my blog to see who had posted since the last time I looked which was probably only twenty minutes ago. I realized that this did not bring glory to God in my life and might not in others, so I ended the comments. I also am quite aware not everyone is as obsessive about things and could very well interact with Godly moderation, still an amazing concept to me.

But I also see the very real potential to sin with blogging and commenting. The anonymity can give people a false sense of security and thus bravado, enabling them to write things they never would say to someone in person. I would hope to have the integrity to write nothing more than I would be willing to say face to face. The other real potential for sin is in the area of gossip. People often feel free to speak about someone, often in code, and do nothing more than gossip. The final area I would mention for sin potential is in the arena of pride. If we are blogging we feel first, we have something to say, and second that we are right, and at times I know for myself neither one of those things have been true.

So as we blog and comment, let us put this under the Word of God which tells us whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, even blogging and commenting, let us do it for and to the Glory of God!

blog you later,
pastor tom