Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The Folsom Street Fair is a taxpayer-supported "gay" celebration in San Francisco which includes displays of nudity and sexual activity. It is scheduled for September 30th and of course there are promotional displays advertising this event. One of the promotional items is the one seen here. It is a mockery of the event of the Passover meal of Christ and His disciples, commonly known as the Last Supper. Half dressed homosexual individuals with sex toys in front of them on the table. This is the picture of the depravity that is homosexuality. In spite of the apologists for the movement, the reality is that the homosexual activist community is a rabid vicious group of people. As they scream and yell for tolerance they evidence themselves time and again as the most intolerant of people. As they seek to present themselves as a mainstream culture simply seeking to live their lives in peace, they time and again produce things like this blasphemous picture.

The truth is that God has turned them over to their depravity as they have loved the creation instead of the Creator. While there are those who would advocate for their inclusion, the truth remains the truth. The answer for every homosexual is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only His sacrifice on Calvary that will atone for the sin of homosexuality as well as every other sin. What never ceases to amaze me are those professed Christians who will embrace homosexuality as an approved lifestyle. How do you proclaim to follow Jesus Christ and enable and advocate a lifestyle that His Word clearly calls a perversion? How do you condone a lifestyle and movement that promotes mockery and hatred of the Word made flesh Jesus Christ? The answer in my mind, is that people love themselves so much and love others so little that they cave in to the pressure!

Some people do not love others enough to tell them the truth, because there is a price to speaking that truth. If you truly love those who practice homosexuality you would tell them that Jesus Christ is their answer. You would point them to Christ as the way out of a lifestyle that is not only opposed by God, but is taking the lives of many in their community. But there are too many who love others too little and themselves too much. As you look again at that picture, ask yourself if you love God enough, and people enough too speak truth to those trapped in this tragic lifestyle!

blog you later,
pastor tom