Monday, September 10, 2007


In an amazing archaeological development, researchers have discovered an underground drainage tunnel that was used by the Jews in A.D.70 when Jerusalem was being ransacked and destroyed. From the wires;

"The ancient tunnel was recently discovered buried beneath rubble, a monument to one of the great dramatic scenes of the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 A.D.
The channel was dug beneath what would become the main road of Jerusalem, the archaeology dig's directors, Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa and Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said Sunday. Shukron said excavators looking for the road happened upon a small drainage channel that led them to the discovery of the massive tunnel two weeks ago.

"We were looking for the road and suddenly we discovered it," Shukron said. "And the first thing we said was, 'Wow.'"

The walls of the tunnel - made of ashlar stones 3 feet deep - reach a height of 10 feet in some places and are covered by heavy stone slabs that were the road's paving stones, Shukron said. Several manholes are visible, and portions of the original plastering remain, he said.
Pottery shards, vessel fragments and coins from the end of the Second Temple period were also discovered inside the channel, attesting to its age, Reich said. "

It is always encouraging and exciting to our faith when there are discoveries that bring us back to the times of the Bible. And time and again we are shown that the things that the Word of God has said were there and did happen, are in fact true. While this discovery does not necessarily end any controversial questions or disputes over Gods Word, there have been many finds that have. The sad part of this is that so many need extra biblical proof in order to truly believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

By definition any source outside of Gods Word that is used as a measure, is a lesser source, since no other could stand to Gods Word. It is as the Lord said, people would not believe in a man who came back from the dead, if they would not believe in Moses and the Prophets. In other words, if the Word of God is not believed, then there is nothing else to attempt. Those who would deny Gods Word being Gods Word are in the category of being beyond any convincing, even if it was someone coming back from the dead! Jesus is the one who makes that striking ,and relevant to our day and age, point.

But for those who know and love the Word of God and the God of the Word, this new find in Israel is an exciting moment. These researchers have much more to unearth in this tunnel. Who knows what else God in His Providence would have them discover. We do know this, He guides them and whatever they find will be for His glory and joy of His people!

blog you later,
pastor tom