Thursday, September 06, 2007


Born Nov. 3, 1930, became a Christian in 1953, died September 5th 2007, those are the vital statistics on D. James Kennedy. The numbers that cover his two births and his one death, but there is so much more that happened between the womb and the grave. After receiving Christ as his Savior, Kennedy gave his life to the ministry of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was an ordinary man that simply said, "here am I send me", and the Lord did amazing things through him. Consider the following:

When he came to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in 1959, it had just 45 members, today it has 10,000.

Along with his pastorship and leadership at Coral Ridge Ministries, Kennedy founded Knox Theological Seminary and Westminster Academy.

In 1962 he began Evangelism Explosion. ( I have always found it awesome that a good reformed brother was responsible for evangelism training)
In 1996, Evangelism Explosion became the first Christian ministry to be established in every nation on earth.

I could go on and on but you see the picture. It is what God can do through a man who is passionate for the glory of God and lives to preach, teach and live the Word of God. D. James Kennedy was an ordinary man through which God did extraordinary things for His glory. His life should inspire all followers of Christ to not waste their lives but live with passion for Him. And be encouraged that God uses ordinary people, the foolish to confound the wise, the weak to bring down the strong.

For D. James Kennedy his faith has become sight, and these are the words that will ring through eternity for him;

"Well done good and faithful servant"

blog you later,
pastor tom