Friday, September 21, 2007


My apologies for the lack of blogging this week, I had to drive to Alabama for my grandmothers funeral on Monday, but today we are back at it. While there are many developments this past week that I could spend much time on, nothing surpasses the events surrounding the President of Iran. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has come to our country once again for the United Nations meetings. This time he has declared his intention to visit the site of the World Trade Center attacks, wanting to, in his words, "lay a wreath down as a show of respect". While for most other people that would seem to be a generous offer, with Ahmadinejad it is something far different. This is a man who has declared his hatred of both America and Israel. He has made it clear more than once his desire to remove Israel and the United States off the face of the earth, believing it his destiny to usher in such happenings. He is a cunning calculating mad man who has the worst of intentions and for any one to believe he is sincere in his desire to show "respect" to the victims of 9/11, is absurd.

Which brings me to Columbia University. They, in all of their political correctness, have invited Ahmadinejad to speak at their college. Sadly, he is being given the platform and all of the requisite respect and honor that comes with it. How does Columbia reconcile their invitation with the fact that he has called the holocaust a myth and called for the annihilation of Israel? How do they answer to the many Jewish people in their school and in the community? How do they explain the rational for giving a man who is a known terrorist, who has made his plans for destroying Israel and our nation crystal clear, a platform to legitimize his position? The reality is that they do not explain, and the reason for that is we have become so politically correct that no one has the courage or moral backbone to make a clear stand for what is simply right.

President Ahmadinejad will speak at the UN, maybe go to ground zero and speak at Columbia University. Other than ground zero he should have little problem accomplishing his goals, unless of course he were to become a follower of Jesus Christ, now that would be something that would get him kicked out everywhere!

blog you later,
pastor tom