Monday, October 01, 2007


It was 1992 and the young upstart Bill Clinton had just won the Presidential election. The polling data showed that if it were a head to head contest he would have lost to President Bush the elder. But there was a third party entry names Ross Perot who had picked off enough votes from Bush to secure the election for Clinton. Now that is not what Mr. Perot had in mind, and in fact he ran the best third party candidacy in recent memory, but the fact was and is that he cost Bust the election and handed to Bill Clinton. Ironically in a campaign season that has another Clinton, this time the Mrs. running there is a possibility of a replay of 1992.

Word has it that Dr. James Dobson and others are considering pulling from the Republican party and beginning a third party that better reflects their values. While a noble and even understandable idea, all it would do is hand the election to the inevitable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. No third party is ever going to win an election in its inaugural year. It would take years for the party to develop the type of organizational strength that turns into the dollars it takes to produce a viable candidate, as sadly money means more than ideas these days.

But I have another question for Dr. Dobson and his colleagues, what about Mike Huckabee? Here is a true conservative who as Governor of Arkansas has executive experience, and as a debater has performed very well. Why not take those resources and contacts that would make up a third party and support a man who holds the values you are looking for right in your own backyard? Huckabee, with some monetary backing could not only become a serious contender, he would also in my opinion make a great President. He is a man who has ideas and convictions. He does not hold to the party line, and has taken positions both economically and socially that would resonate with much of America. Instead of a third party effort, we would all be better served with a "get behind Gov. Huckabee" effort. It would also show that you do not have to be a media darling, or one of the "top tier" candidates to run an effective campaign.

blog you later,
pastor tom