Friday, October 19, 2007


In an amazing decision a school board in Maine has decided that children as young as eleven can receive birth control pills! You did not misread, nor did I make any errors in writing, eleven years old! Sex with a non spousal minor under fourteen is a crime in Maine. Which means we have a school board making provision for criminal behavior that will take place in their school. This is their response to a few children in that district who had become pregnant. Questions come by the dozen with ignorance like this, but let us consider a few.

1. Will the school nurse be mandated to report to the police when they have dispensed birth control to children of this age?

2. Is their parental notification beyond a simple allowance for the child to receive attention from the school nurse?

3. Will it take parental permission?

And the final question for me is;

4. How in the world is this allowed, permitted, and let go without a huge outcry from parents?

Where are the parents? Sure there are a few who have weighed in with wonder at the audacity and ignorance of the school board. But by and large this has not become the clarion call it should be for parents. I am surprised that parents have not pulled their children out of the schools, or those who voted yes to this are not in the process of being impeached. With California passing SB777 and now Maine allowing this, it is surprising that there are any children left in public schools. The harsh reality is that there are parents who have no other option but public school and thus are trapped. One can only hope that at some point parents will realize they are the employers, and as such they will band together and demand more from those who make a living on their tax dollars!

blog you later,
pastor tom