Monday, October 22, 2007


Bob Kerry former 1992 Presidential candidate has written an op-ed where he advocates that Democrats should appear on Don Imus's radio show when he returns to the air. Kerry mentions Imus aticipated huge audience in tension with the fear of Al Sharpton's wrath for appearing on the show. As Imus returns to the air it will be interesting to see who comes running back to him. Particularly when it comes to those who were so quick to pin the scarlet letter on him and throw him to the wolves. While his statements about Rugters basketball players are without defense, he also did not deserve to become the scapegoat for all that is wrong with culture. As I said then and say now, his apology should have been accepted, and his body of work in and out of radio should also have been considered. With rappers regulary using Imus type words and worse, without penalty, Imus was lynched without a fair hearing.

Now he is back and will most likely have the last laugh. Will he be changed? Will he be toned down? While people are anxious to see, I believe the greater and more telling question is who will come on his show? Which candidates that scorched Imus will now seek to speak to his audience? The trend is already beginning with Kerry's op-ed . He knows that Imus is someone who can bring votes to a candidate and arguably has been able to secure elections for some. And will Imus allow those who have been so critical of him to appear? While he has never defended and always apologized for his remarks, he has been the object of a feeding frenzy from the very same people he has sold books and obtained votes for. Amazingly they all followed the incredibly hypocritical Al Sharpton. Now they might be made to sleep in that bed that they have made! Sweet dreams.

blog you later,
pastor tom