Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Pete Palmer, a sophomore at Waxahachie High School was kicked off the school campus for the t-shirt he was wearing. You would think that is must have been really offensive. It would stand to reason that to be kicked out of school this shirt must have been heinous. What was the message of the t-shirt? John Edwards 08! This is the crime Palmer committed, he wore a political t-shirt. The school policy is;

“T-shirts, other than WISD clubs, organizations, sports, or spirit t-shirts, college or university t-shirts or solid-colored t-shirts, are prohibited."

This is a ridiculous rule. Could there not be the same issue if someone has a sports team t-shirt and someone else does not like that team? It is political correctness gone mad. There is nothing wrong with a political t-shirt and particularly in our country where freedom of expression, within reason, should be the norm. Palmer's parents are suing as they should. It is about time this tide of political correctness was reversed.

And lets face it, it is not as if Palmer's shirt had a message that anyone was going to listen to or follow! Sorry, I could not resist.

blog you later,
pastor tom