Monday, October 29, 2007


James Hahn, a chemist from North Houston found himself in a situation that many others in his neighborhood had endured. His home was foreclosed on, something that is not unique to his neighborhood but in fact is an ever increasing reality across our country. People who have overspent and lived above their means, or who lived within their means, but lost employment, have seen their homes go the way of foreclosure. Hahn was different in his reaction as he boarded himself up in his foreclosed home and would not come out. While it made for a tense situation, seeing he knew chemicals and how to use them for harm, the police were confidetnt of a peaceful end. What happened was tragically Hahn eventually put a bullet in his head, taking his own life. With his personal life in shambles and now losing his home it was beyond what he could bare. He was known to be divorced,depressed and addicted to drugs.

What drives someone to this point? A variety of things in life can do that if you are not grounded and founded in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus promised to give a peace that was unlike the world and that the world would not understand. A peace that sees beyond the real trouble that might be the current state of ones life and sees the hand of a loving Father who controls all, and promises that everything is for His glory and the good of his people. James Hahn carried to the logical conclusion the reality of life without Christ. Apart from Him it is hopeless, as all that awaits is a forever Hell and life right now is as good as it gets considering what eternity will bring. The answer is always Jesus Christ. Regardless of what you are going through today, He is the answer! Submit your life to Him before it is too late!

blog you later,
pastor tom