Tuesday, October 30, 2007


There is a troubling trend happening with Halloween costumes. I will leave the discussion of Halloween as a holiday and the pros and cons of that to another blog at another time. What is relevant in my mind is the costumes that are gaining popularity. I saw a report on Fox News today that indicated an increase in certain types of costumes among young girls under twelve years old. It seems as if these girls are dressing up in provocative sex driven cothing, with fish net stockings and other sexually enticing apparel. How in the world a parent could ever allow their daughters to dress up like this is beyond me. Do they not know that pedophiles are everywhere looking for these exact situations?

I am always surprised in this day and age parents would ever allow their children to go to any strangers house and knock on the door. But this takes the cake, to put their children in such clothes is criminal in my mind. It is teaching young girls that your worth is in your ability to draw attention to your looks. It is tearing down the walls of decency and propiety in dress. Yet is it exactly what is happening as the leading costumes for this age group are the provacative ones. While I am not a proponent of the goverment telling private citizens how to live their lives, it is situations like this that make that seem like not such a bad idea after all. Althought the government is not exactly a paragon of virtue itself. Moms and Dads please pay attenton to these details. Understand that there are real people out there looking to prey on your children. What you might think is cute, a pedophile might use as the trigger to move in on your child!

blog you later,
pastor tom