Friday, October 05, 2007


An 18 year old girl goes to an abortion clinic, and is brought into a room where without consent, before signing any papers she is ingested with a poison that will go to the 24 week old baby's heart and kill it. Three days later she is to give birth to a dead baby at the same clinic. The nurses want her to deliver into the toilet which she refuses to do, but rather delivers the dead child on the floor next to the baby, a sight that will haunt her the rest of her life. This was all done without her knowing the reality of what she was doing, without understanding the life that was in her, and most importantly without her consent. This sounds like the making of a fictional novel or major motion picture, but sadly this is exactly what happened to Michelle Armesto in 2003, when she was only 18. The leader of the perpetrators was the infamous Wichita abortionist George R. Tiller.

He is facing a multitude of charges that hopefully will put him behind bars for a very long time. The horror that Michelle faced is all to common. The abortion business is just that, a business. The money comes in from the sanctioned murder of children in the womb. It is surreal to even type these words, as you realize that we are a society that has allowed millions of babies to be murdered, and some reading this blog have argued for the "right" of that happening! Today Michelle Armesto lives day to day with the horrific thought that because of pressure she felt from her parents, because she went to an abortion clinic looking for information and help, because of that she had her baby murdered before she was even able to make the decision. It is going on every day, in your area somewhere, within 50 miles of where you live, babies are being murdered, the question to be asked is, what are you doing about it?

blog you later,
pastor tom