Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I was going to avoid this subject altogether, as I did not want to appear to be piling on, or hitting someone when they are down, but circumstances dictate it is time to write. Paula White, the health and wealth guru is getting a divorce from her husband and co-pastor Randy. Paula appears regularly on TBN, DayStar and other networks, selling her get rich, be healthy, believe and it will happen heresy. In spite of her teaching and in fact contrary to her teaching she is getting divorced. It would seem to me that if what she taught were true then she, of all people, would not have a failed marriage. It would also seem to hold true that in light of a failed marriage she would be stepping down from ministry at least for a while. And it would also seem right to expect a good portion of her followers to have their eyes opened up and move from supporting her and the heresy she teaches.

Sadly what would seem to be true and right and fitting in this case, is not at all what is happening. Paula White and her soon to be ex-husband are not slowing down one bit. Their respective ministries are going to continue as if nothing happened. While they decide who gets the 2.5 million dollar condo and where the private jets lands, they will continue to carry on as if nothing happened. For Paula that means continue the health and wealth gospel, asking for and receiving millions of dollars from people who will still believe that this woman is of God and that her message is consistent with the Word of God!

This is an example of the critical lack of Biblical discernment and knowledge among professed followers of Christ. The message that White and her peers preaches is one that would eliminate the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ Himself. Yet millions of people watch, attend and give, even when it is right in their face that this woman does not practice what she preaches, and her message could not save her marriage. When people refuse to read and submit to the Word of God, when they spend little or not time in the Word , but depend on others to teach them, this is the result. While Paula gets divorced people keep sending her money. While it is revealed through court documents the lavish lifestyle she lives, people keep believing and sending her money. A case of the blind leading the blind, and we haven't even begun to discuss the Biblical problem of her being a pastor and having authority over men in the church!

blog you later,
pastor tom