Friday, November 30, 2007


Something happened yesterday that should have signalled the world was coming to an end, and there would be NHL games played in Hell. U.S. Rep. John Murtha admitted that there was progress being made in Iraq. He was there for a few days last week and in reporting on the trip had admitted that progress was happening. This from a man who arguably could have been on the verge of treason with his trips to Iraq and speeches he made from there that were critical of the Commander in Chief. He has done things in a time of war that have not been seen before, in attempts to discredit a wartime President. You will find no bigger critic of the war in Iraq and the President in charge of commanding it. Yet even he had to come clean and admit that the surge is working and progress is happening, something he did not believe could or would happen.

Leaving the discussion of the war being right or wrong to pundits, I see here a great example of the incredible bias of the media. People are looking to the latest Republican debate on CNN as the indicator of how liberal and partisan the media has become. You do not need to look there,as the best example is in the lack of coverage the success in Iraq is getting. Has anyone seen blazing headlines across the nations papers, or non-stop coverage of how well things are going? Are there talking heads on the cable shows round the clock extolling the virtue of a President who did not cave to the pressure and trusted the Generals on the ground? Has anyone seen story after story about a President who stood his ground and did what was right even though the propaganda against him turned most of the country against him? Has anyone seen much, if any coverage of the surge working, the President being right and Iraq being better because of it?

The answer to all of those questions is no. You only find that kind of coverage when it seems as if the President has done something wrong in Iraq. The suicide bombers are the ones that generate the kind of coverage that the current success deserves. The reality, pure and simple is that you cannot trust the media for news coverage any longer. Each outlet has their own agenda and ideology that they seek to push on their viewers, in order to change the minds of people to think like they think. Well if you have not seen or heard it anywhere else, you have heard it here, the surge is working, the success in Iraq is phenomenal, and as one soldier in the battle that I interviewed on my radio show recently said;

"in spite of what the media is telling you, we are taking it to the enemy, like our Commander in Chief has instructed us to."

blog you later,
pastor tom