Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As a culture we are OCD, meaning we have obsessive compulsive disorder. If something is the latest and greatest, then we all have to have it or be involved in it. Recently there have been studies that show how out of shape our children are becoming. There is no longer a phys ed time in many schools. I remember as a child having definite class periods each day that were devoted to phys ed activities. That is no longer the case, although there are some school districts that are researching implementation once again. There has been a reaction among parents and teachers to address the problem of child obesity. While all of that is fine, here is a story that, in my mind, takes it too far.

There is a US chain that is signing up babies across London as young as four months old for "developmental gymnastics". You actually purchase a gym membership for children that young, and they come and are put through all kinds of exercises and tumbling activities. This has become the rage, with over 500 children signed up in one gym, with 150 of them being under three.

So here we are, we have children starting schools younger and younger, with the idea of developing them quicker. Now they will enroll in gyms at those same stages of life, and where does it stop? When can a child simply be a child and enjoy life from the perspective of a child? While we do not want childhood obesity, we also should not want children who go from one activity to another, missing their childhood in the process. Where does this all stop? What will be next? Maybe toddler driving lesson, so little johnny can get a head start on his license!

blog you later,
pastor tom