Friday, November 16, 2007


There is a reported, troubling, growing trend with people and the remains of their loved ones. Disneyland in Anaheim recently had to shut down their "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, after security cameras spotted a woman apparently pouring out human remains on the attraction. The woman claims it was only baby powder, but when the story was investigated, it turns out that this was not an isolated incident. Here is what was reported by Channel 6 in California;

"Some Disney watchers said park-goers tell them that people smuggling in the cremated remains of their loved ones and then sprinkling ashes on rides has been going on for a while.
They said it started at the Haunted Mansion, but now the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride is growing in popularity. Al Lutz, who runs, told KABC that it is not unusual for people to scatter a loved one's remains at the happiest place on earth."

We have devolved as a society in the area of death and the treatment of the body. While I am not convinced you can make a Biblical argument that would call for a certain choice, burial or cremation,I do believe there are principles that should guide us, beginning with the fact that our bodies are created by God. Yes, they are only mortal tents that hold who we really are, our souls, nonetheless these tents are designed by God. We also know that for believers in Christ our bodies are called temples of the Holy Spirit, which would indicate a particular value. So, while I am not advocating anyone to follow any one path, I do think we are called to respect the bodies of loved ones that have died. And as such, we should treat them with dignity throughout the grieving process. Dignity does not mean idolatry, as again we understand what it is that makes us who we are.

The question to be asked is, does this demonstrate respect and dignity for a part of Gods good creation? To be sure throwing remains on amusement park rides does not. Nor does the sad but true practice offered by some funeral homes of turning the remains or our loved one into things like jewelry. The reality is as life is cheapened and seen to be of no value, so too will the bodies that contained the life!

blog you later,
pastor tom