Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have written before on Rob Bell the Emergent Church guru. His popularity is a fascinating phenomenon, yet it lines up perfectly with the Word of God that tells us in the end days people will seek out teachers who will tickle their ears, which is an apt description of Bell and his peers. Last night in Somerville Mass. Bell once again drew a large crowd. Last night over 2000 people came to hear his act. While I did not attend, I was emailed by a friend of mine who did make the trip to hear Bell. Here is an eyewitness account of last nights Rob Bell talk, though it is lengthy it is worth reading. Pastor Gary George who attended last night writes;

"The opening scene was not what I expected: no heavy metal, head bangin' loud sounding rockers to prepare the way of Mr. Bell, but rather he just popped out on the stage. He was clad with a Harvard Square type appearance. Tight black jeans with a large white belt, sneakers, an open collared shirt, butch haircut and black rimmed glasses. His propped stage 'sermon' was intriguing, well ordered, easy to follow, choreographed and had the crowd mesmerized.
His message contained a history of pagan worship, where he aptly showed the erroneous mindset of the pre- and non-Judeo/Christian world. His point was that man had viewed their 'gods' as requiring sacrifices for appeasement to bring favor upon themselves from the deity of their fancy. He extrapolated on this theme with numerous examples for over an hour and then proceeded to contrast the Jewish levitical sacrificial system. The crescendo was now about to come, he was leading the audience to the cross. Up to this point, I must say, I heard no 'uncertain sound' ringing from Mr. Bell. Could my preconceived views of the Emerging Church movement be altered this night? The best wine was not reserved to the end unfortunately. The speaker went on to subtly inform the audience that the historic orthodox view of Calvary has been errant and that the correct understanding is that the Cross has reconciled all humanity to Himself and that man's responsibility is to accept the peace that Christ has made for us. This acceptance is gained; not by individual recognition of being sin stricken, guilt laden, hell deserving and God alienated person; but rather by sheer 'enlightenment' which comes with his new-twist denotation of the word 'repent.' For Bell the biblical and historical view of repentance is now properly understood to mean, 'being made aware', a spiritual awakening that brings one into oneness with God. It is not because of Christ's sacrifice is understood to be the grounds of our acceptance with a Holy God Whose wrath has been poured out upon our Substitute that atoned for our ungodly deeds which we have ungodly committed. For Bell, the Cross is not the 'satisfying' God's righteous anger against our sins, but rather it is the signal of God's reconciliation of us unconditionally-no turning from sins, no taking up our cross, no forsaking all to follow Christ; no repentance, just simply acceptance. God has adopted every human being, our comprehending this is determined by our understanding the Belltone: just be informed.
Rob Bell is preaching another gospel. "Let those who have ears to hear hear." I wish I could say that the audience was composed of spies like myself that were there to mark his words and conclude that he is teaching a divisive and heresy damning 'gospel'. I wish it was an audience that would have booed, banged and bolted from the uncertain sounds that his voice was ringing. His bell is is a non and anti-biblical message that offends nobody, condemns nobody and saves nobody. It only tickles the ears of the hearers who with the flesh can say amen to his 'no burning, so no turning' kerygma. His no blood, no sacrifice, no-repentance-'gospel' should be vibes that make waves of concern among evangelical Christians who can't find the Shepard's voice within the Bell rhetoric. What concerns me more than the sounding of the Bell, is, 'for whom the bell tolls'? "If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound", then let Bereans who have their ears bored through with the awl not cboose to be under the mastery of a heretic, but be in tune with the ONE Who blows the 2 Silver Trumpets(the Spirit and the Word), Num. 10, Isa. 8:20."

While that says it all, the other great concern I, Gary and others have, is the number of true followers of Christ who are being led astray by Bell. His books are in all the Christian Bookstores, he is a hit with the Youth Pastors, the Evangelical world has embraced him and his heretical teachings. This is the result of a generation of professed believers in Christ who do not know the Word of God. They have forsaken the reading and studying of the Word, for Halo tournaments. If the tide is not turned and people do not get back to the Word of God, Bell and his heretical peers will affect generations. As his message of everyone is in, sin is not an issue, will infect masses of well intentioned people. The bottom line is that if sin is not an issue, if God does not hate those who do iniquity as His Word says He does, if Rob Bell is right and the Bible is wrong then there is no need of a Savior. So take your pick, Rob Bell or Jesus Christ, whom will you follow?

blog you later,
pastor tom