Monday, November 12, 2007


The Iranian Police have come out with a "vice list", according to published reports. This is a list that informs people what is acceptable and what is criminal in their society. While there are some things on the list that all would agree on, such as drug dealers and prostitution, there are also things that are beyond ridiculous. Things that display to the world how restrictive and abusive the law truly is. For example from the wires we learn;

"Wearing boots with short pants, wearing hats or scarves which do not fully cover hair and neck instead of the proper head veil and putting on unusual make-up that contradicts public chastity (is forbidden).
Wearing Western-style clothes and insignias of deviant groups (usually a reference to referring to Satanists or rappers)," was on the list alongside "production and distribution of decadent movies as well as private home-made videos."

What is called "Satanic", by these extremists are things such as make-up, scarves and coats that do not cover enough of the Iranian women. This is a tremendous example of the Word of God, when it says that man looks on the outside but God looks on the inside. The Iranian Police and Islamic law for that matter, do nothing but attempt to force outward conformity, believing that if the outside looks the way they believe it should, then everything is good in the sight of God. They could not be more wrong, as the outward appearance might give some information, but in no way can a heart judgement be made on that basis alone. With those standards the Apostle Paul and Jesus himself would have been in serious trouble. This is just another in a long line of example of why those imprisoned under Islamic law need to be set free by Jesus Christ. Forced outward conformity will produce nothing but building inner animosity that will one day boil over. If you do not believe that, simply look to the east and see the events on any given day!

blog you later,
pastor tom